A Little Getaway from busy Life


when you feel you need to get out and  connect your self with you, find yourself and some more courage to go on. A small getaway to a hidden treasure which wouldn’t attack on your pocket.


Hidden and surrounded with lush green mango trees, you will find this place in nature’s lap. A cozy entrance takes you into a small drive way, opening in front of a tiny out house. More green trees and a cozy seating area with Indian style sitting arrangement.




Three different types of rentals to choose and dinning options. Friendly people make you feel  comfortable and provide services to cater your needs.


A small swimming pool surrounded by thick trees and  fun filled little water rides to cheer your kids. A big stone setting in front with painted snakes and ledders game.


Serving area for drinks and flavoured Hukkahs to brighten your mood. A perfect evening to spend with family and friends at the outdoor dining beside children’s play area.


You wake up in the morning with the sounds of birds and insects you have never heard or seen before. Spend time with your self during  morning walk at the cozy little walkway in the gardens.


You realize you have become too detached with Nature that you don’t even know what you are missing. Fast and busy city life makes you numb in your senses. Its only these times you start to feel again…….

Place :-

Mango Leaf Resort Talasari, Situated on Gujarat-Maharastra Border.INDIA







6 thoughts on “A Little Getaway from busy Life

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  2. Very well written! Adding this place to bucket list. I would love to gaze the stars at night at such place, it will be a time of pure bliss.


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